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Eric Sorin

British by birth, Eric entered online Forex trading in 2003 and he continued to trade in currency pairs till 2010. During his 7 + years of tenure in the Forex market, Eric learned about and perfected his knowledge in the trading market. He traded with numerous brokers only to experiment and discover the detailed operation behind each one of them. During his long career, Eric converted over 98% of his trades into profitable ones.

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Gary Clark

Gary was born in the U.S. and is one of the most prolific online traders today. He is the son of a mason and did not receive an educational degree after leaving school. Gary has a natural ability in understanding the economic environment. He used this quality along with his knowledge in Information Technology to venture into the stock market and made a fortune that his father could only dream about.

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William Baker

 William Baker made his fortune by trading in stock markets. William holds a doctorate degree in Econometrics and Statistics and started his career as a professor. However, he soon realized that in order to make his dreams a reality, he would need to make a lot of money, which was literally impossible with his job. William decided to venture in to the stock market and realized the immense potential of earning.

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